Notice of Onikle Inc. HQ Relocation

August 29, 2021

Wanonno Iqtyider

Onikle Inc. - preprint search platform for computer scientists - (Headquarters: Tsukuba, Japan, CEO SunaoTateno,, hereinafter referred to as Onikle), is pleased to inform you that the head office has been relocated in August 2021 to promote work styles optimized for each individual. This move will enhance the role of the office as hub of creativity and accommodate the diverse work styles of members to maximize the productivity of the organization. 

Onikle is the preprint search platform with a paper sharing community and specially designed AI recommendation with the aim of reducing the time lost in searching for papers.    

We have promoted full remote work to build a working environment where members are most productive. Now, we have decided to establish a new office to​​provide employees with freedom of choice andalso create an environment where they can fully utilize their imagination.

Sekimoto West Building

We believe that this relocation will be the driving force for sustainable growth, and each employee will direct their resources to achieve our vision, “Create a global platform that drives mankind knowledge”. Onikle promotes the creation of an organization that can further demonstrate our abilities and performance to provide a new value to the society through the development of innovative services.

Company Info

Onikle Inc.


Establishment Date:2019/08/14

Location:IbarakiPrefecture, Tsukuba City, Higashi-Arai13-2 SekitomoWest Building Room 403


Description:Onikle builds/provides preprint search platform for Compuer Scientists



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