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Why Preprint?

Why Preprint?

April 17, 2021

Preprint has not gained mass adoption in other fields of science. Even with fields such as biology and medical where there is relatively higher usage (still little) of preprint, it is mostly connected to the topics of machine learning and AI, computer science topics.

Onikle does not expect that there would be a substantial growth in conventional science field where published and peer-reviewed research are valued. Simultaneously, there is an increase in utilizing machine learning and AI in various fields of research therefore there will be an enlarged demand for preprints in the same field. We believe within 10 ~ 20 years, computer science will be significant presence in all the fields. Therefore, the demand and supply for preprint will increase respectively.

To visualize the recent emergence of preprint, let’s take a look at quantum computers. Their research is mainly completed through preprint. Quantum computer is widely considered and accepted as the future. People have the conception that articles which are published through well know journals or reviewed extensively are important for innovation; but preprint has shown through the field of quantum computers that it can become the tool to create the future.

Also, plethora of businesses and companies are currently investing in AI and machine learning especially in IT, finance, and service industry; we believe this trend will continue to rise and the usage of preprint in non-academic areas will flourish. Onikle will provide various researchers a platform where they can easily access, find, and discuss about preprints so no one gets left behind. Learn about why peer review process is outdated.

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